Everything You Need To Know About Label Printers

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There are many tools and equipment that make day to day business tasks easier and effective. Businesses need this equipment, software, and tools to enhance their productivity or manufacturing.

One such thing is a label printer. It provides an easy way for businesses to do many difficult tasks. An efficient and effective tool that comes in handy at retail stores and warehouses.

If you are a business owner, who doesn't know anything about label printers, then you definitely should. So, here is everything you need to know about label printers.

What Is a Label Printer?

It is a printer that prints labels, tags, and stickers with barcodes, scan codes, or other important things. It prints on self-adhesive labels and rolls.

Label printers are an essential tool for any product-based business. It helps your mark and track your inventory and also store relevant information. It keeps you aware of your inventory status, also makes transportation easy and smoother.

Label printers use different types of label materials like paper and plastic. It comes in handy while marking and gathering information about the new stock. It is also known as a label maker, and it usually has a screen and a built-in keyboard for inputting relevant information.

Types Of Label Printers

This useful tool has more than one name and more than one type. Choosing the right label printer is entirely up to you, depending on things like usage and material.

Each type of label printer has its advantages and its own uses. Read further to find out which one is the most suitable for you. 

Thermal Transfer Printer

The first kind of label printer, thermal transfer printers are the most commonly used and highly trustable printers by industry standards. They are available in different ranges and sizes, from desktop to high functioning.

Also, thermal transfer printers are highly durable if the right material is used in printing labels. They provide many options like paper, plastic, and polyester with premium quality self-adhesive. TT printers do not require a high heating setting to function. It uses lower heating settings to produce high-quality results. On top of them all, they are also an affordable option.

Direct Thermal Printers

Function similarly to TT printers, but it has some of its own amazing qualities. Unlike TT printers, DT printers do not require ink ribbons. Therefore, they have a lower cost per label. They can be used for a short time, as they are not meant to be long lasting. Some DT printers can function as TT printers.

Laser Printers

This one makes it easy to print labels and time saving as well. They are economical and perfect for on-demand label printing. It uses a whole lot different approach than direct thermal printers. It is a very amazing option, except that it can not print an individual label. You need to opt for multiple prints.


While choosing the most suitable printer, go for the one that perfectly suits you and your business needs. Visit tagsupplier.com to know more.

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