Near Field Communication or NFC Tag: A useful tool for your business

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For any business, technology is a means to improve customer experience and productivity. Once in a long time, they come across a technological solution that turns out to be a groundbreaking addition to their business. 

One such technological solution is NFC(Near Field Communication). A standard-based technology, which provides short-range two-way communication. It is a kind of technology that you may have seen around you a lot but never gave a second thought to it. Well, now you should, as it will completely transform how you do your day to day tasks. 

What is an NFC Tag?

An NFC Tag is a small device that can be integrated with all sorts of products, like posters, passes, tickets, stickers, labels, business cards etc. This small device can help your business in many ways.    

Benefits of NFC Tag for Your Business

There are many areas where integrating an NFC Tag can turn out to be one of the most beneficial investments for your business. Here are some really amazing benefits that come with an NFC tag that can truly transform the way you do business. 

  • Social Media Check-In

In this digital era, social media has become one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses. Place an NFC tag at the entrance of your store or somewhere suitable. This way, visitors can easily connect with you through any social media channel of your choice. 

It is the perfect way to increase your followers and engagement on social media, which is a sign of a successful business. It will give customers an exceptional amount of exposure and brand recognition. 

  • Virtual Business Cards 

Printed business cards have become irrelevant, especially in today's time of technological advancement. Business cards can still bring you leads of potential clients, but with a different approach. 

Program an NFC Tag with your business contact information, social media, and other relevant information to easily share it during conferences and marketing campaigns. 

  • Contactless Payments

The most common use of NFC you must see around you every day would definitely be contactless payments at stores, cafes, restaurants, bars etc. 

You can use NFC to provide your consumers with a seamless and contactless payment method. This way they will be more willing to spend money on your products and services. 

  • Seamless Staff Communication 

Seamless communication and free flow of information is an integral part of the smooth run of any successful business. Make sure each member of your staff is connected to avoid any confusion and mishappening. 

An NFC tag will help you keep your staff always connected to one another. It will effectively thin out any potential miscommunication. It would ultimately help people at managerial positions in running stores smoothly. 

  • Improved Customer Service

The sole driving purpose of any business is providing exceptional customer service, which ultimately benefits them in the long run of business. 

An NFC tag will provide customers with an experience shopping experience in your store through contactless payments and other tasks. It will be a huge time saver in seasonal rush hours by cutting down wait time. 


NFC Tags is exactly what your business needs. From marketing to customer service, it will give you many cost-effective methods to do your day to day tasks easily. 

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