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A sticker is a type of label, which is seen as a piece of printed paper, plastic, or vinyl, that has adhesive on one side. Those are used for decoration, functional purposes, or identifying brands. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Stickers are generally used when an object requires identification with a particular idea. Brand stickers are attached to the product itself, which helps in identifying that the product belongs to a certain company.

Stickers and labels are an integral part of the packaging. It helps to know more easily about the contents of the product.

Each sticker and label are made of different materials. So, they look different from each other. Let see the various types of materials used for preparing stickers and labels.

Industrial Vinyl-  This material is usually used for preparing outdoor labels. Most of the industrial vinyl material provides resistance to U-V radiation for almost ten years. Labels made from this material are chemical resistant and weather resistant. These labels are flexible, due to which they can be used on curved surfaces. They are also used for pipeline labels, rental equipment, fleet decals, and cable tray labels.

Polyester- The labels which are prepared from polyester are available in different shapes and sizes. With the help of polyester, labels are also prepared in a metalized look, which has a chrome-finish or mirror-like finish. Polyester is used for outdoor applications, indoor applications, labelling, control pipes, and panels. The best thing about polyester is that it has the property of withstanding harsh operating conditions and weather conditions.

Polypropylene Labels- These labels are solvent-resistant, therefore can be used as a replacement for vinyl labels. They are cheaper than polyester labels, but they offer better clarity. These labels are of different types based on their coating, adhesive, and colours.

Chrome (silver) BOPP labels.

Clear BOPP labels.

Removable (white) BOPP labels.

White BOPP labels.

Recycled Labels- These labels are created from 100% recycled material. For an earthy appearance, these labels are used. These labels are ideal for machine applications and must be removed in hot water.

Satin Labels- For spirit and wine labels, these labels are used, which are satin acetate cloth labels. It gives a beautiful look to the product packaging. It can be used for gifting purposes also.

Fluorescent Paper Labels- These are synthetic materials, which have a floor coating. They are available in different colours like; red, pink, orange, and green. These labels are generally used to alert people.

Foil Paper Labels- These labels are generally used as food stickers or holiday stickers. They are available in different colours like; dull, bright, silver, and gold.

TagSupplier.com is a company that provides high-quality labels of all types. Your choice of the labels depends completely on your requirements and usage. But, the most important thing is that you choose the best quality of labels for your product.


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