Silicon Laundry Tag

Silicon Laundry Tag

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UHF RFID silicone laundry tags are designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry and uniform management in hotel and hospital environments.

Special designed for goods control and management


Provides a good range of RFID Laundry tags also known by RFID washable tags for real-time tracking & completely manages the apparels in laundry management (i.e., on-demand Shops, Stores- Malls, marts, hospital, Indian railway’s and many other applications). RFID technology provides an enhanced user experience for Laundry applications and in related industries that require apparels to be tracked.

Widely used for severe environments such as laundry, auto motor maintenance & identification, chemical raw material, and other places where the tag needs to be high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, and wear-resisting.

Key Feature:
1. Excellent elasticity can survive water shock.
2. More than 100 tags at a time can be easily identified.
3. Waterproof, good resistance against heat, shocks & pressure.

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