Unitech PA720

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Powerful Platform

It’s impossible to ignore the sheer power of the PA720’s quad core processor and updated 6.0 operating system. Renowned for its simplicity, Android allows you to develop software in an open source platform and gives you access to thousands of enterprise-level apps.

Whether you’re graduating from a pen and paper system or making the switch from Windows, your transition will be effortless thanks to the PA720’s blazing-fast interface.

Sheer Durability

Take the smartphone look and feel to the next level with drop-resistant housing, a 4.7” scratch-proof touchscreen, and heavy-duty protection against water and dust. A rugged connector helps ensure the longevity of your device. The pogo-pin design protects the handheld from the wear and tear of frequent charging and docking.

Avoid costly broken screens and frequent downtime by investing in rugged technology that’s business-ready. The PA720 is built for the unique challenges of your enterprise—designed to withstand extensive vibrations, extreme temperatures, and liquid spills.

Android for Business

The PA720 is built for work. A powerful barcode scanner (1D or 2D) streamlines data collection. Alternate quickly between the camera and the scanner to collect data as efficiently as possible.

The physical keys (including a push-to-talk button) help mobile workers perform routine tasks faster.

A fleet of PA720 handhelds can be supported through many different MDM software programs, including Unitech’s own Mobolink Mobile Device Management app.

Crystal-Clear Touchscreen

Enjoy 4.7” of screen real-estate with the toughest protection available. The beautiful and responsive Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen can withstand multiple four-foot falls to concrete without breaking.

With 7H hardness, there’s no need to invest in screen protectors or expensive cases. The PA720 resists scratches without the extra protection. That means mobile workers are free to carry it around in their pocket or workbag without worrying about the condition of their technology.

The sunlight-readable screen facilitates outdoor use without draining the battery.


• Android 6.0
• Blazing-fast quad core processor
• 3 GB RAM/ 16 GB Flash
• 12-Hour battery (hot swappable)
• Integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner and NFC reader
• Rugged pogo-pin connector
• Push-to-talk button
• 4.7” Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen
• IP65 environmental seal, 5-foot drop rating
• Warranty: 1 year

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